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Oct 24, 2013
Lighting Fair 2013 (Booth NO. 1.B31-A)
At present, Russia’s economy is in the period of rapid growth, it has great demand in products imported.And in the countries of eastern European,Moscow is undoubtedly the most powerful in the field of luminaires,decorative lightings,lighting products and accessories.Chinese products with its advantage of high quality and inexpensive ,is becoming more and more popular in the eastern European countries and the world market.So the exhibition will provides a excellent display platform to Bymea.

In the exhibition,Bymea will display its most dominant and innovative products in public ,such as LED bulb,tube,down light,tract light,panel,candle lamp, etc.Realize the demands of the local customers for LED lighting products and the develop trend of Led market.Learn the international advanced experiences.And to lay a good foundation for expanding the market of Russia and the whole East Europe.

Bymea sincerely invites and looks forward to you arrival, welcome you to visit at the appointed time.Let’s study from each other, enhance from mutual communication. Sincerely wish the Moscow International Lighting Fair 2013 a complete success.

Exhibition informations as follows:
Show time:November 5-8,2013
Show address:Moscow's foreign trade and exhibition center(Krasnaya Presnya)

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