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Jul 19, 2017

(12th July 2017), Fujian Provincial Committee, Party Secretary Jinjia Pei together with others made a special research about construction of FJXW, industrial base and new airport base. On the scene, they inspected the progress of these project constructions, coordinated and solved problems. In the meantime, they also held a conversazione to deploy the next phase work.

Municipal leaders Jiahan Zhuang, Jian Zhang, Qiuxiong Chen etc attended the research.

Mr Laifu Huang, the president of Fujian Bymea Investment Group, made a statement about the progress of project and construction to leaders., the new manufacturing base had been mainly build in the beginning of May and fill its floors successfully. Once all factory buildings and production lines finished well, the R&D and production department in Haicang and FJXN will be completely moved to this new base. At that time, sales revenue can be reached more than one billion RMB and taxed 16 million RMB per year.

For further to development well in the future, it is really wise for us to set up new base in here.

(New media editor: Naijia chen):

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