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Jul 13, 2017

In this year, to speed up the integration of Industry-City and give impetus to industrial transformation and upgrading, “New City+ Base+ Crowd-creation” would be applied as a carrier in Xiamen city. As a new carrier of the development of strategic new industries in the city, it’s known that the construction of Xiang'an & Tong'an High-tech Industry Center has made a  breakthrough. At present, there already settled 14 industrial projects in here, and 5 projects are under construction.

Bymea LED automation-plant is one of the first projects in Xiang'an & Tong'an High-tech Industry Center. Since the project had been stared work, Mr. Laifu Huang, the president of Bymea Group, would come here and see how the construction was progressing each week. Pointed the project planning map, Mr. Laifu Huang told the reporter that there will built 4 high standard auto-workshops after 8 months. At that time, it will be increased to 27 production lines, which are  three times than Xiamen Island’s present workshops.

Mr. Laifu Huang also said, all R&D and production departments in Haicang and Island will be completely move in here. Thus, each year, not only the annual sales revenue can be reached to more than 1 billion RMB, but also the tax can run up to 16 million RMB. The base will get better development here.

Same as Bymea Group, more and more new high-tech enterprises, there is now an increased emphasis on the development of Xiang'an & Tong'an High-tech Industry Center. They establish new plants here for seeking new development. At present, in the Xiang'an & Tong'an High-tech Industry Center, there is 1400 acres of land for storage with complete road, corollary equipments for water , electricity supply etc, which have achieved a conditions to attract  foreign investments.

(New media editor: Naijia Chen):

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