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Mar 18, 2014

Xiamen Bymea lighting Co.,ltd 2014-03-04--2014-03-07 TOKYO Japan internationa llighting fair
Xiamen Bymea Lighting Co.,ltd is a professional led lighting fixtures manufacturer.
  During more than 10 years after it’s fundation, Bymea has commited itself to bulding a healthy and green lighting environment.Led lighting products of Bymea have been praised by many customers all the time . Espacially Bymea’s LED downlight, It’s performance is more excellent.


Compare with common lighting fixture, Bymea’s LED Downlight has more excellent performance.Let’s read the following comparison shows of them.
LED downlight is a green and environment friendly lighting fixture. It has no UV&IR radiation,mercury free and less heat,This well avoides mosquitoes arounding the light source to create a clean environment indoor.So indoor room will be cleaner and tidier

LED Downlight has long lifespan.It’s power consumption is less than the 1/3 of fluorescent lamps. But the brightness is as same as fluorescent lamps. In general.Lifespan of led downlight is up to 30000 hours for normal use. No need to change for long time use. This reduces the maintenance cost invisibly. It is very suitable for some occasions inconveniently to replace lamps


Traditional led downlight uses AC currect. It will produce 100-120 times flicker every second. However, LED lighting changes AC current to DC current, it will not produce flicker.So this will protect the eyes. Traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor. Mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere if it is broken. But LED downlights do not use mercury at all, and they are lead free. This will protect the environment.
Besides above, Bymea’s led downlights have lots of color, can be suitable for various occasions, they are elegent and classy to be your best choice!


Bymea best quality green lighting solutions expert.