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Jan 06, 2013

Bymea Lighting Created a new Miracle in 2013 Xiamen
Bymea members----Blood surge
5 Jan. 2013,At first light,Xiamen Bymea Lighting 43 international marathon athletes had stood at the Xiamen Exhibition Center neatly.”China Refueling,Bymea Lighting”.Everyone shouted the slogan in excitement.It had became a beautiful landscape in marathon court.


Bymea culture-Zero distance communication
Yufeng Wu,Bymea Lighting vice manager ,was the captain of marathon team.In the process of activity,Mr Wu not only cared about each employee,and together with the staffs to talk about life,work,dream etc.Game atmosphere was warm and sweet.That was the Bymea’s culture:zero distance between leaders and stuffs.

Bymea team-Hand in hand forward
The gun went off,all participants walked.In the crowed and gently slowing team,Bymea 43 simmering athletes together as a founder.No one would be left behind.

Bymea spirit-Fighting with passion
Bymea Lighting always adhered to the slogan of “Love health,love sport,love marathon”.This match,43 athletes reached the end easily.It embodied the powerful strength of Bymea.What’s more,It conveyed the spirit of Bymea---full of passion,full of enthusiasm.

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